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Built to help engineers create perfect software, our platform automates distribution, streamlines development processes and manages feedback cycles.

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We give you visibility into how users are really experiencing your software


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We power millions of consumer interactions

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Crash Reporting

AI and Machine learning-driven capabilities detect anomalies and extract insights in real time.

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Our awesome features
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User Monitoring

Your frontend performance is fully visible, from high-level trends down to individual user journeys.

Enriched Customer Data

Customer sentiment over time gives the unique perspective to understand the “why” behind feedback, while enriching your customer profile data.

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Our awesome features

Zentry for Enterprise

Security & Compliance

We are compliant with all major security standards. This means running your service on a private cloud, with data encryption, Firewall, audit logs and anything you need to be compliant.

Scaling & Availability

We show you exactly which function was executed, how long it ran for and where it was called from. In-depth details display the method calls, including the external dependencies for apps of any size and complexity.

Transparent & Trustworthy

We help remote teams stay in sync, coordinate, and understand what their mates are experiencing. Use an unbeatable workflow around error detection and resolution."

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